The Australian Monitor Synergy Series combines years of experience in the touring and hire markets, with expertise in the installation market. As a result, we have created a high performance, low cost amplifier worthy of installations and hire.

The SY4200 is perfect for applications with multiple zones or levels such as multi-zone bars, clubs or museums. Many audio and A/V integrators, as well as production companies, enjoy the convenience that a compact multi-channel power amplifier has to offer. In addition to high-end performance and reliability, the Synergy SY4200 offers many smart features including a Low-Pass Filter (defeatable) on selected outputs including bridged outputs. This enables the Synergy SY4200 to drive subwoofers without the need for an external crossover. From an engineering design standpoint, multi-channel power amplifiers offer many challenges and need to be meticulously designed and tested. Heat dissipation, board layout and component quality must be maximised to ensure a first class result.


  • Five Solid Levels of Protection
  • Overload
  • Output Short Circuit
  • Thermal
  • Output DC Protection
  • Slow Start Facility
  • 4 x 200 Watts
  • 2RU







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