Australian Monitor’s DMA1 digital message announcer is a compact but highly sophisticated digital playback device designed to integrate seamlessly with commercial PA systems, paging networks and modern telecommunications systems. Utilising an SD card digital storage format, the DMA1 delivers stereo audio in an MP3 format. Messages can be played or triggered using the on-board controls, via remote switches, contact closure, or via RS-485 serial control. The DMA1 also boasts an onboard 20-watt-per-channel D-class power amplifier as well as stereo inputs and outputs, allowing it to be inserted in line with an external BGM feed.

The DMA1 supports memory cards of up to 1GB and variable bit rate music files, while the supplied 128MB memory card provides storage for up to 130 minutes of music (at 128kbps sample rate). The DMA1’s compact size belies the wealth of innovative features and wide-ranging commercial applications of this intuitive, cost effective digital message storage and playback device.




  • Plays MP3 files
  • Standard SD card digital message storage
  • On board Play, FF, Rew and Stop controls (with remote capability)
  • Contact closure file replay triggers
  • RS-485 control
  • Capacity of up to 255 messages
  • Stereo In/Out
  • Onboard 20-watt-per-channel D-class amplifier







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