AUSTRALIAN MONITOR / AUDIO TOOLS / Audio Distribution Amplifier

The Australian Monitor Installation Series AMIS26 is a highly versatile, rack mountable distribution amplifier that splits two inputs into six outputs. Each input has a balanced XLR connector and a pair of unbalanced RCA jacks, with individual microphone/line switch-ability, 24 VDC Phantom power, and a four-segment LED meter.

Each of the amplifier’s inputs is individually assignable to any of its six outputs via front-panel DIP switches, while the balanced-unbalanced outputs feature up to 30dB of attenuation, so they can handle any combination of line or microphone level signals. This low-noise, feature-packed amplifier is designed to manage the most demanding signal routing.





  • Low noise DA
  • 2 balanced XLR/Dual RCA line inputs
  • 6 balanced XLR/Dual RCA line outputs
  • Front-panel volume controls and output assign switches
  • Front-panel output metering









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