AUSTRALIAN MONITOR / MIXER AMPLIFIERS / Constant Voltage Mixer Amplifiers


With an impressive 12 inputs the Australian Monitor AMD200 will give installers untold flexibility in a 1 RU mixer amplifier

Featuring 8 balanced Mic/Line level inputs each with 34V DC phantom power available and 4 dual RCA program source inputs and delivering 200 watts at 100 volt, 70 volt, 8 ohm and 4 ohm. With on board tones (Bell, Pre-Announce, Alert and Evac), remote master VCA, Vox triggered output (assignable to any one or combination of mic/line ins), 24DVC back up power input and low power contact closure, the Australian Monitor AMD200 has all the features of the smaller AMD100 compact class D amplifier.

The AMD200 also boasts the power of on board DSP processing, the connectivity of third party control via the RS485 port, which supports the Australian Monitor ICON CP control panel or allows connection to a third party control system and a USB port for setup or for PC control.





8 mic/line inputs + 4 Stereo source inputs
Stereo line output + Mono amplifier output (Constant voltage or Low impedance operation)
1 RU Class D design
20Hz – 20kHz frequency response (Line Level Output)
Low power contact closure
DSP processing on board with Parametric EQ, compressor, noise gate and high and low pass filters
Third party control via serial, Software GUI or via Icon-CP control panel
Remote VCA master volume control
Mic/Line inputs have 34 volt phantom power

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