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8 Input Mixer Amplifier 120 watt

The AMIS120XL offers all the reliability of the famous AMIS series amplifiers with 8 universal inputs as well as 3 stage (defeat able) Vox priority, Vox triggered output relay, on board tone generator, 3 stage line input sensitivity switching and a wide range of additional features. The AMIS120XL really is the mixer amp with the lot.


  • 100V, 70V and 4, 8 ohm outputs
  • Vox muting from channels 1, 2 and 3 (selectable)
  • Vox triggered relay output
  • Tape Output (350mV @ 10K ohms) and balance output (700mv)
  • Bell, Pre Announce, Evac and Alert tones in-built (rear panel activation)
  • 15V phantom power on all microphone inputs (defeat able per channel by rear switch)
  • Insert point for connection of AMIS EQ or other processors
  • VCA remote master level control
  • Overdrive protection and internal limiting
  • Signal Present LED
  • 240VAC/24VDC operation
  • 100 volt, 70 volt 4 or 8 ohm operation





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