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6 input mixer amplifier 250 watt

The AMIS250 is the largest amplifier in the AMIS mixer amplifier series and delivers 250 watts in a compact 2 RU chassis. With 3 stage vox priority, Vox triggered relay, on board tones, 15 VDC phantom power and insert point the AMIS250 is feature packed and as with all the AMIS series it is extremely reliable.



  • 100V, 70V and 4, 8 ohm outputs
  • Vox muting from channels 1, 2 and 3 (selectable)
  • Vox triggered relay output
  • Tape Output (350mV @ 10K ohms) and balance output (700mv)
  • Bell, Pre Announce, Evac and Alert tones in-built (rear panel activation)
  • 15V phantom power on all mic inputs (defeatable per channel by rear switch)
  • Insert point for connection of AMIS EQ or other processors
  • Overdrive protection and internal limiting
  • Signal Present LED
  • 240VAC/24VDC operation






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