AUSTRALIAN MONITOR / POWER AMPLIFIERS / Constant Voltage Power Amplifiers





The Australian Monitor Synergy Series SY400V offers a host of practical features and delivers 200 watts of power per channel in a space-saving high performance package. The SY400V is ideally suited to today’s complex multi-zone 100v line systems

Australian Monitor also offers a six channel 100V line combination. The SY6125 offers 6 x 125 watts at 4 ohms. Simply add the SY6125T transformer unit and you have 6 x 125 watts at 100V





  • Symmetrical layout - even weight distribution
  • High efficiency toroidal mains transformer
  • Dual channel operation
  • Balanced inputs and buffered attenuators
  • 1 dB below output clip indication
  • Dual, twin speed axial fans
  • Multi-role output fault indication
  • Signal ground lift switch
  • Built in limiter circuit
  • High-quality, close-tolerance components throughout










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