The Australian Monitor My Music (MYM) range of program sources are sophisticated 1RU music sources that provide greater flexibility, as demanded by today's leading audio installers. Available in a range of compact and rack-friendly playback devices, the MYM CD players feature USB and SD card inputs for full digital connectivity and now offer the flexibility of front panel, Infra red or RS232 control over all front panel functions.





Australian Monitor’s My Music range is led by the MYMTCD Tuner/CD, a sleek two-in-one music source that combines a programmable MP3-compatible CD player and a robust AM/FM tuner. This dual source unit provides optimal user flexibility, with an in-built USB port, an SD card input for digital media playback, and an RS-232 serial port ensuring comprehensive third party control. Each module has a dedicated stereo output and a priority output. Like all of Australian Monitor’s products, this leading edge 1RU unit also comes with a surprisingly modest price point.





  • 1RU dual program source
  • MP3-compatible CD player
  • IR control
  • USB and SD card input on CD player
  • Up to 20 tracks programmable on CD player
  • 10 user selectable presets on AM/FM tuner
  • Discrete stereo outputs for each module
  • Priority stereo output on MYM-TCD
  • Tuner sleep function
  • RS-232 control







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