The Australian Monitor AMISCL2 is a 1RU, dual channel compressor limiter. Featuring an expander/gate, compression and limiting per channel, the AMISCL2 utilises a high quality VCA to give excellent performance from a budget priced dynamics processor. With added features like selectable automatic attack and release times and EQ enhancement which automatically compensates for high end loss when heavy compression is taking place, the AMISCL2 has the features and the performance of a compressor/limiter many times the price.





  • Expander/Gate per channel
  • Fully featured Compressor/Limiter controls per channel
  • Automatic Attack/Release time switchable per channel
  • Compressor/Limiter bypass per channel
  • 8 Segment LED metering of gain reduction per channel
  • Channel Active and Auto enable LED indication per channel
  • EQ Enhancement per channel
  • Balanced XLR and 6.35mm TRS connectors for inputs and outputs
  • 6.35mm TRS detector loop insert per channel









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