The Cafe80P is the perfect partner for the Cafe20 speakers. A dual 6.5” band pass sub that is both compact and punchy, the Cafe80P boasts an on-board 80 Watt D Class power amplifier and four 25 Watt amplifiers to power the Cafe20s. The Cafe80P is available in either black or white and features stereo RCA inputs, stereo XLR inputs and thru ouptuts, stereo/mono mode switching for the satellite amplifiers, individual level controls for each satellite amplifier and a master volume control.

The Cafe80P can also act as a complete small system controller with the addition of the CafeWMVC wall mount volume control. This allows for remote wall mounted master volume, treble and bass control, all mounted on a Clipsal 2000 wall plate and connected via CAT5 cable. The CafeWMVC is available in white.


  • Dual 6.5” drivers
  • 80 Watt D class amplifier
  • 4 x 25 Watt amplifiers for satellite speakers
  • Optional remote volume control








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